• Violence Literacy: The Fight Master, Spring 2018.


I studied playwriting at Columbia College Chicago with Paul Amandes. Below are samples of a few plays I have written.

You Choose: This play concerns the character of Mike as he is in the middle of an attempted school shooting. Faced with a difficult decision he is forced into his own subconscious where the audience is asked to judge whether he is good, bad, or just crazy before they see the journey that led him to where he is now. This forces people to think about the court of public opinion and the effect it can have on those we would rather not admit are just like us.


Thomas Is Alone: This play shows us a day in the life of John as he interacts with those close to him and slowly dwindles his own emotional bank for the sake of others. His attempts to make the lives of others better while neglecting his own emotional needs slowly begins to destroy him as he must ask himself the question as to whether or not people really care about him at all.


Omicron, Tau, Phi: an absurdist, Gothic fiction that deals with the very real issue of campus rape and fraternity rape culture. When a girl is killed after a frat party Jack is reluctantly pulled in to investigate when the University brushes it under the rug. As he begins to ask questions and uncover what really happened the darker and corrupt side of the University begins to show. Drawing parallels with old style noir films that deal with police and political corruption, the play is meant to show the similarities to what is currently going on at universities all over the country when it comes to covering up cases of rape perpetrated by high-profile student.