Violence Design

I have taken stunt classes with Asylum Stunts and parkour classes at The Actors Gymnasium. Below are some clips of the work I have done. I am currently an Associate Choreographer with R&D Choreography and a member  of the Artistic Advisory Committee in the category of HEMA and WMA for the  International Order of the Sword and Pen

SAFD: Advanced Actor Combatant: David Woolley and John McFarland at Columbia College Chicago:

  • Rapier and Dagger- Recommended pass 5/11/2016-5/11/2019
  • Unarmed- Recommended pass 5/11/2016-5/11/2019
  • Broadsword- Recommended pass 5/11/2016-5/11/2019
  • Small Sword- Pass 12/15/2016-12/15/2019
  • Knife- Pass 12/15/2016-12/15/2019
  • Sword and Shield- Pass 12/15/2016-12/15/2019

BASSC: John McFarland at Columbia College Chicago:

  • Rapier and Dagger- Pass 5/11/2016-5/11/2019
  • Unarmed- Pass 5/11/2016-5/11/2019
  • Broadsword- Pass with Distinction 5/11/2016-5/11/2019

Historical and Traditional Martial Arts

I study Historical/Traditional European Martial Arts and Historical/Traditional African Martial Arts at Forteza Fitness and Martial Arts through the Chicago Swordplay Guild.

Notable teachers:

Greg Mele, John O’Meara, Robert Ruherfoord, Da’mon Stith, Marco Quarta, Roberto Laura, Daniel Santos

Study and Rank:

  • Rapier- Scholar: CSG
  • Rapier and Dagger- Scholar: CSG
  • Rapier and Cape- Scholar: CSG
  • Medieval Dagger- Scholar: CSG
  • Renaissance Dagger- Scholar: CSG
  • Wrestling- Scholar: CSG
  • Longsword- Intermediate: CSG
  • Ethiopian Shotel- Intermediate: CSG/Da’mon Stith
  • Colombian Machete- Beginner: Da’Mon Stith/Daniel Santos
  • Bolognese Sidesword- Intermediate: CSG
  • Sidesword and Buckler-Intermediate: CSG
  • Sidesword and Cape- Intermediate: CSG
  • Sidesword and Dagger- Intermediate: CSG
  • Italian Dueling Knife- Intermediate: CSG/Roberto Laura/Marco Quarta
  • Italian Stick- Intermediate: CSG/Roberto Laura

I have also studied various of medieval and renaissance weaponry such as Spandone, Montante, Iberian Flail, French Smallsword, African Stick, Meyer Rappier, Italian Spear, Italian Walking Stick, and others.

Photos from workshops and fencing bouts:


  • Violence Literacy: The Fight Master, Spring 2018.


Violence Design productions:

As You Like It: Jessica Fisch- Northwestern University: Associate Choreographer 2022

Titus Andronicus: Ian Damont MartinHaven: Associate Choreographer 2020

Middle Passage: Ilesa Duncan- Lifeline Theatre: Associate Choreographer 2020

Noises Off: Joe LehmanMetropolis Performing Arts Center: Associate Choreographer 2020

Aleko: Dylan EvansChicago Opera Theater: Associate Choreographer 2019

Kiss: Monty ColeHaven Theatre: Assistant Choreographer 2019

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum: Lauren Rawitz- Metropolis Performing Arts Center: Associate Choreographer 2019

Hamlet Round 1- The Back Room Shakespeare Project: Associate Choreographer 2019

Hamlet Round 2- The Back Room Shakespeare Project: Associate Choreographer 2019

Hamlet Round 3- The Back Room Shakespeare Project: Associate Choreographer 2019

Macbeth- The Back Room Shakespeare Project: Intern Choreographer Assistant 2019

Lottery Day: Ike Holter- Goodman Theatre: Intern Assistant Choreographer 2019

The Poseidon Adventure: Derek Van Barham- Hell in a Handbag Productions: Intern Assistant Choreographer 2019

How to Live on Earth: Gwendolyn Wiegold- Chimera Ensemble: Intern Assistant Choreographer 2019

Richard IIIThe Back Room Shakespeare Project: Intern Assistant Choreographer 2018

Neverwhere: Ilesa DuncanLifeline Theatre: Intern Assistant Choreographer 2018

Bad Girls: The Stylists: Breahan Pautsch Akvavit Theatre: Intern Assistant Choreographer 2018

HamletPurdue University Northwest: Intern Choreographer 2018

Cambaby: Jesse RothChimera Ensemble: Intern Assistant Choreographer 2018

Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street: Fred AnzevinoTheo Ubique Cabaret Theatre: Intern Assistant Choreographer 2018

The Deerfield InnThe Annoyance Theatre & Bar: Intern Assistant Choreographer 2018

Captain Steve’s Caring Kingdom: Mike OolThe Factory Theater: Intern Assistant Choreographer 2017

Mr. BurnsLoyola University: Intern Assistant Choreographer 2017

Ghosts and Zombies: Eve PautschAkvavit Theatre: Intern Assistant Choreographer 2017

Engage– at Theater Wit: Intern Assistant Choreographer 2017

Peter and the Starcatcher: Lili-Anne BrownMetropolis Arts: Intern Assistant Choreographer 2017

Macbeth: Barbara ZahoraOak Park Theatre Festival: Intern Assistant Choreographer 2017

The Totalitarians: Scott Westerman– Chimera Ensemble : Intern Assistant Choreographer 2017

She Kills MonstersTheatre of Western Springs: Intern Assistant Choreographer 2017

Into The Beautiful North: Ann Filmer and Miguel Nunez16th Street Theater:  Intern Assistant Choreographer 2017

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead: Josh SobelMetropolis Arts: Intern Assistant Choreographer 2017

Rutherford’s Travels with Dr. Charles Johnson: Ilesa DuncanPegasus Theatre Chicago: Intern Assistant Choreographer 2016

R&D Workshops:

R&D Choreography Unarmed Combat Workshop at Chicago Youth Theatrefest  2020: Teaching assistant.

R&D Choreography Unarmed Combat Class at Piven Theatre workshop 2019: Teaching Assistant

R&D Choreography Unarmed combative Class 2018: Intern Assistant/Student

R&D Choreography Unarmed combat Class at Stevenson High School 2018: Intern Assistant

  • Class taught by R&D in basic unarmed stage combat at Steven High School for their Odyssey event

R&D Choreography Unarmed Combat Class at Piven Theatre workshop 2017: Intern Assistant

R&D Choreography Medieval Combat Class 2017: Intern Assistant

R&D Choreography Violence Design Class 2017: Student

R&D Choreography Swashbuckling Class 2017: Intern assistant/ student

R&D Choreography  Piven Theatre Workshop at Actors Gymnasium 2017: Intern

Choreography Photos:

Hamlet: Purdue University Northwest (Hamlet)
Hamlet: Purdue University Northwest (Laertes left. Hamlet Right)


Paddy Crean Workshop The Road Ahead 2018-2019: Student/Teacher

  • Teacher:
    • R&D 4 Pillars workshop.
  • Student:
    • Mapping the Kiss– Intimacy direction: Rachel Flesher
    • Paired Technique: Interpreting Medieval Texts- HEMA: Jessica Finley & Rebecca Boyd
    • Ringen – HEMA: Jessica Finley
    • Fight Direction vs. Intimacy Direction– Intimacy Direction: Alicia Rodis & Rachel Flesher
    • Fight With the Whole Body part 1– HEMA: Michela D’Orlando
    • Seek the Openings– HEMA: Jessica Finley
    • Shoot the Point- HEMA: Jessica Finley
    • Seductive Storytelling- Intimacy Direction: Alicia Rodis
    • Beats and Beatings– Stage Combat: Kevin Inouye & Emma Claire Brightly
    • Basic Gun Disarms– Stunts: Kevin Inouye & Megan Reneau
    • The Encounter: or What it Ought to Have Been– Stage Combat: Ian Rose
    • “Liberated” Parkour- Stage Combat: Hunter Smith & Lawrence Carmichael
    • Consent in Combat: An introduction to Sexual Domestic Violence- Intimacy Direction: Rachel Flesher.
    • Smallsword and Poniard- Stage Combat: Geoffrey Alm
    • Consent & Power Dynamics– Intimacy Direction: Alicia Rodis
    • Mastering the Bullwhip: Basics and Targeting- Stunts: Anthony & Dr. Mary De Longis
    • Knaps for the 22nd Century- Stage Combat: Scott Witt
    • When it All Goes Wrong- Stage Combat: Ian Rose


Loyola University Stage Combat Class: Intern Teaching assistant for midterm test. October 2018


Port Washington Pirate Festival: Pirate Fighter 2019

Port Washington Pirate Festival: Pirate Fighter 2018

Port Washington Pirate Festival: Pirate Fighter 2017

Fencing photos: