Violence Design

I have taken stunt classes with Asylum Stunts and parkour classes at The Actors Gymnasium. Below are some clips of the work I have done. I am currently Interning with R&D Choreography and a member  of the Artistic Advisory Committee in the category of HEMA and WMA for the  International Order of the Sword and Pen

SAFD: Advanced Actor Combatant: David Woolley and John McFarland at Columbia College Chicago:

  • Rapier and Dagger- Recommended pass 5/11/2016-5/11/2019
  • Unarmed- Recommended pass 5/11/2016-5/11/2019
  • Broadsword- Recommended pass 5/11/2016-5/11/2019
  • Small Sword- Pass 12/15/2016-12/15/2019
  • Knife- Pass 12/15/2016-12/15/2019
  • Sword and Shield- Pass 12/15/2016-12/15/2019

BASSC: John McFarland at Columbia College Chicago:

  • Rapier and Dagger- Pass 5/11/2016-5/11/2019
  • Unarmed- Pass 5/11/2016-5/11/2019
  • Broadsword- Pass with Distinction 5/11/2016-5/11/2019


  • Violence Literacy: The Fight Master, Spring 2018.



NeverwhereLifeline Theatre: Intern Assistant Choreographer 2018

Bad Girls: The StylistsAkvavit Theatre: Intern Assistant Choreographer 2018

HamletPurdue University Northwest: Intern Choreographer 2018

CambabyChimera Ensemble: Intern Assistant Choreographer 2018

Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet StreetTheo Ubique Cabaret Theatre: Intern Assistant Choreographer 2018

The Deerfield InnThe Annoyance Theatre & Bar: Intern Assistant Choreographer 2018

Captain Steve’s Caring KingdomThe Factory Theater: Intern Assistant Choreographer 2017

Mr. BurnsLoyola University: Intern Assistant Choreographer 2017

Ghosts and ZombiesAkvavit Theatre: Intern Assistant Choreographer 2017

Engage– at Theater Wit: Intern Assistant Choreographer 2017

Peter and the StarcatcherMetropolis Arts: Intern Assistant Choreographer 2017

MacbethOak Park Theatre Festival: Intern Assistant Choreographer 2017

The Totalitarians– Chimera Ensemble : Intern Assistant Choreographer 2017

She Kills MonstersTheatre of Western Springs: Intern Assistant Choreographer 2017

Into The Beautiful North16th Street Theater:  Intern Assistant Choreographer 2017

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are DeadMetropolis Arts: Intern Assistant Choreographer 2017

Rutherford’s Travels with Dr. Charles JohnsonPegasus Theatre Chicago: Intern Assistant Choreographer 2016

Choreography Photos:

Hamlet: Purdue University Northwest (Hamlet)
Hamlet: Purdue University Northwest (Laertes left. Hamlet Right)


R&D Choreography Unarmed combative Class 2018: Intern Assistant/Student

  • Class taught by R&D in Unarmed and knife combat and the various contexts of martial arts such as Kung Fu, Modern Combatives, Boxing, Bare Knuckle Boxing etc.

R&D Choreography Unarmed combat Class at Stevenson High School 2018: Intern Assistant

  • Class taught by R&D in basic unarmed stage combat at Steven High School for their Odyssey event

R&D Choreography Unarmed Combat Class at Piven Theatre workshop 2017: Intern Assistant

  • Class taught by R&D in basic unarmed and reactions for stage combat

R&D Choreography Medieval Combat Class 2017: Intern Assistant

  • Class taught by R&D to teach basic medieval sword and shield/polearm combat

R&D Choreography Violence Design Class 2017: Student

  • Class taught by R&D to teach the basics of Violence design

R&D Choreography Swashbuckling Class 2017: Intern assistant/ student

  • R&D class teaching the basics of Swashbuckler style stage combat

R&D Choreography  Piven Theatre Workshop at Actors Gymnasium 2017: Intern Assistant

  • Two pairs of high school students after spending around 10 hours learning basic small sword.

Workshop Demo Reel:

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Loyola University Stage Combat Class: Intern Teaching assistant for midterm test. October 2018


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