I study Historical European Martial Arts and Historical African Martial Arts at Forteza Fitness and Martial Arts through the Chicago Swordplay Guild.

Study and Rank:

  • Rapier- Scholar
  • Rapier and Dagger- Novice
  • Dagger- Scholar
  • Wrestling- Scholar
  • Longsword- Beginner
  • Ethiopian Shotel- Novice
  • Colombian Machete- Novice
  • Bolognese Sidesword- Novice
  • Sidesword and Buckler-Novice

I have also studied various of medieval and renaissance weaponry such as Italian stick, Italian Knife, Montante, Iberian Flail, French Smallsword, African Stick, Meyer Rappier, Italian Spear, Italian Walking Stick, and others.

I review movie fights from a historical and stage combat perspective. Below is a link to my YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmwCPVJfxaTqzdooHt4vpTA

Photos from workshops and fencing bouts: