I study Historical European Martial Arts and Historical African Martial Arts at Forteza Fitness and Martial Arts through the Chicago Swordplay Guild.

Study and Rank:

  • Rapier- Companion
  • Dagger- Companion
  • Wrestling- Companion
  • Longsword- Beginner
  • Ethiopian Shotel- Novice

I have also studied various of medieval and renaissance weaponry such as stick, Spadone, Spear, Bowie Knife, Sword and Buckler, Sidesword, Barbary Saber, Montante and others at workshops and classes.

I review movie fights from a historical and stage combat perspective. Below is a link to my YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmwCPVJfxaTqzdooHt4vpTA

Photos from workshops and fencing bouts.